Black & White Stripe Floral Mani | Pictorial

Hello! Today I am sharing something new with you that goes a long with yesterdays mani! If you missed yesterdays mani though you can catch up here. 😀 Then if you are ready a step by step how to keep on reading! 

What You Will Need

- White Polish
- Black Paint 
- Flower Colors of your Choice
- Metallic Gold Paint or polish
- Dotter
- Fine Nail Art Brush
- Top Coat of your Choice

How To

1. Paint your nail with your white polish. Let Dry.

2. Use your fine brush and paint on your black stripes. You can decide your thickness and how many you would like. The more you have the more detailed look you will have. Let Dry. Then at the top of your nail start with your bigger flowers like shown in pink.

3. Next add in your medium flowers as shown in purple.

4. Now add in your circle flowers shown in red. These are the rose flowers. :)

5. Next add in your leaves.

6. Add in your gold metallic dots. You can mix up your sizes and placement like I did on my nails of you can be selective like I was in the pictorial. :) Then let everything dry and top with your choice of top coat. I went for a matte because that's just what I have been reaching for lately, however it looks great shiny too! 

I have never created a digital pictorial but I decided to give it a go, and man was it tricky! Haha!! 😂😂 Even though it was challenging to create I am really happy with it and how it came out! I hope you guys like it and I would LOVE to see your recreations if you remake these! Please tag me on Instagram or tweet them to me! 💕 There are so many color variations you could do with this look too, which makes it all the more fun! I could see it being changed up for different seasons, say some Christmas Colors, Fall, Spring, and so on! :) Maybe even a Valentines Day rendition! 😀 Well thats it for today loves! If you all enjoyed this post let me know in the comment below! Also if you have any particular posts you would like to see in the upcoming future let me know!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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