Black & White Stripe + Flowers

 Hey there! How are you all doing? Today I have a fun mani for you guys and I am really enjoying it actually! I've been wanting to do stripes and a floral for a long time now, and just haven't had the time with all of the themed manis over the past week or so. 😊 So today is the day!

I started with a white base, which was Takko Lacquer Vice. Then I painted the black stripes with acrylic paint. A few, ok more than a few, are crooked and its kinda bugging me. However when one doesn't notice until AFTER top coat there isn't much you can do! 😂 So just gonna pretend it adds character! Hehe!! Then after all of that I added random flowers with acrylic paint as well. Then the golden dots, which are also acrylic paint. 😊 I love having metallic acrylic paint! So very helpful in so many designs!

The full look reminds me of a Happy Planner sticker in one of my sticker books! I tell ya, they have some great stickers! I a really loving my Happy Planner, plus love looking at others on Instagram. I am thinking of making blog posts for my happy planner more frequently. What do you think? Would you guys like that? Some requested a plan with me, but right now I don't honestly have the set up for that video wise. I could maybe do a blog post in a similar set up with photos every few steps. Would that be of interest to anyone?

Well thats it for todays post! I hope you have enjoyed this look! It was time consuming but well worth it! :) See you all back here tomorrow for something new to go with this! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. So Pretty! I love whe sparkle that the little gold dots add to this design!

    1. Yay, so glad you like them!!! I love the dots too, kind of brings it all together!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love love love them ❤️❤️❤️


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