Stripes & Cheetah

Hello there guys! Wow, I'm just really happy with how this weeks posts have come together! Love having a "cohesive" week, where things go the way I had hoped nail wise! Today I have been slightly inspired by a Happy Planner Sticker that I have yet to use! 😊 So lets check it out!

So here is a look at the nails before the art was added right next to the sticker that inspired this whole look! I am guessing the sticker design is watercolor originally. However on my nails I just used a flat brush and acrylic paint and just did one quick swipe. I let it go on thin, and didn't worry about particular edges as you typically would with stripes.

After that was done I then used a dotting tool and some black acrylic paint to create the cheetah sides.  I really like this whole look. I don't think I would go thought to put all of these colors together themselves, yet they look so great together! I'm just thinking how these colors would all look on workout clothes! I mean that would be really cute right?!

I've been trying to workout everyday, and do truly think everyone needs some cute clothes to wear while working out. I just feel like you are more likely to be comfortable in work out clothes while working out, plus its always motivating to have a special cute outfit to wear just for working out! I just got a few pieces over Christmas, and then after and its so fun to have those specifically for working out! Another thing I think is making me think of working out with these nails is the fact the pink is close to the color of my FitBit, which I LOVE! I know not everyone loves fitness trackers, and have their own reasons, but I love it! Its motivating and the challenges are so fun! I've learn since Christmas that I am very competitive! Haha, although I did slack off on Sunday, I just wasn't feeling the best. I worked out that morning, but the rest was a chill day and never even made it to goal. Oh well thats only the 2nd day since getting it so thats not too bad.  

 Well guys thats it for today! I hope you are having a good week, and just keep thinking Friday is getting close! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Super cute! I love seeing the inspiration piece, too. :) Inthink then addition of the leapord spots really grounds the whole design.

    It's funny how feeling confident can really improve your mood when working out. I like to take classes at the gym and in my studio there is one wall that is covered by a mirror. When I have cute clothes, I am more likely to feel like I am killing it and push myself harder. It sounds silly, but sometimes it's the little things!

    1. Thank you! I was so enjoying matching my stickers which I have now used in my planner for next week! So much fun! Yay so glad you thought they brought it all together! I liking it a lot!

      Totally get that and agree! It is really the little things! This week I've been sick and Haven't been wearing my workout clothes and I miss it! Who knew I would miss not being able to work out, finally feeling like tomorrow I can get back in to it! The cute clothes are daunting me! LOL!

  2. These nails are so cute!! I love how bright they are. Also, we should be FitBit friends! I need motivation to get back on track with my step goal haha.

    1. I have been loving the challenges! So motivating! Maybe a bit too much at times but ya know! Hahaha!!!
      Thanks! I loved these!


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