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Beach Nails

Hey there everyone! Today I have what I feel like is a really fun mani. Its beach based of course and its idea came about in a weird odd way! So lets get to it!

Beach Nails

So it all started when I was listening to the new Vamps CD on Friday when working out. At first I wasn't sure about the CD but since I have always been a fan of course I gave it a few tries before making my mind up. Turns out I love it as expected! So anytime new music comes out, and its an artist I like it tends to put me in a creative mood. It can help me in paint, book writing, and so on! :) This time It kind of took all of those things into one and this mani was the result.

Living on the East coast we always get the moon rise over the ocean which is really gorgeous photo, but more photos you just get the sky view looking out towards the west. However toward the east we get really neat colors, and the moon. Which was the reason I included the moon! So then I was thinking about my book I am writing, and maybe I will put this literally as a scene in the book not sure, but I thought about it and how a fun beach bonfire would be to include. I then took it to a whole other level in my head and basically started planning out a Bachelor date! Haha, the idea for a table with a white table cloth and some candles, oh and twinkle lights in the trees all came to mind.

Beach Nails

That all being said tho, I think you can tell I just kept it more simple with the bonfire. The pinks, and purples in the sky, and the moon reflecting in the water. It was really fun to create honestly. Plus I do think I may have a scene in the book described like this. It could be a big scene actually. Hummm..... I am really liking this idea. See what I mean, good music can totally get the juices going.

Plus I think this is totally a scene you would see in a good chick flick. If they even made those types of movies anymore. Anywhooo, so yeah that is all how this mani came to be. Odd yeah, but kinda cool that listening to music can just inspire you.

Beach Nails

I wouldn't say it was a specific song, but it just worked. Oh my tho, if you are a Ed Sheeran fan, or John Mayer fan.... Or really just the fan of good song writers. You should check out the Vamps. Specifically the song Paper Hearts. Eppp, talk about sweet. Ahh, between them, Ed, and John its just really cool to think that some out there actually think like that. <3

Wow, we are almost to the last photo and I haven't even told you what I used in the mani. So the base light purple that I am holding is China Glaze Lotus Begin. The rest is acrylic paint. Some of the colors in the sky are watered down to give more of a cloud look. I used navy for the ocean which was a first but it helped a lot more to create more of a night time look.

Beach Nails

Well that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post. Its full of random bits which actually made it so much fun to write honestly. I now think I am going to go "summer" by listening to music and just have fun! Ha, over the weekend we got out the old Nintendo 64 which was a lot of fun. I stink at it, but it was still fun. So now maybe we will go get out the PS2 and have a throwback summer game night!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. What a great post Sarah! Love learning more about you! Nail Sara is on point as always!


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