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Hey guys, today I have a different type of post for you. As most of you know Hurricane Harvey has been beating down on Texas and the Gulf Coast for a week, and is going to have major/long term effects. Its making its 3rd round and even tho it is a Tropical Storm and no longer a Category 4 its bad. Cities are flooded, and they will be that way for quite awhile. Then even when the water recedes people are going to have no where safe to return to. That all being said I wanted to make sure a source you all could find ways to help.


Seeing the news right now is just heartbreaking to see. Last year in October the area in which I am based in was hit really hard with Hurricane Matthew and it was really bad in areas. The sad part is that people on the news only really talked about it for maybe a week or two tops. Yet it left a lot of people homeless, there are places here that you can drive down the street and see houses that are still hanging off the beach, others that are still not allowed to be entered, as well as roads still closed. Its been a year and it wasn't even as bad as Harvey so I can't even imagine where they will be in a year. Its going to take a long time, but I'm sure they will get there. :) Near or far I'm sure you have seen some sort of picture of the circumstances that they are in and want to help some how. So below I have  a list with ideas + links you can go to to help. Its not feasible for all to spend money but that doesn't mean you can't help! :)

How to Help
(with out spending)

Check your local news stations for ways to donate. Many places are taking donations for and will be shipping them to Texas. 

Think Salvation Army, thrift shops, Red Cross. I know in my area there is a thrift shop that will be taking clothing donations and shipping them to the area. Maybe its time you do a closet clean out! :) 

Check out your local schools see if they are doing any food drives in honor of Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Texas Blogger Sugar & Cloth is hosting a Donation Drive check out details here.

Check out this Texas Monthly Page to see how to help specific areas such as medical issues, pets, etc.

Ways to Donate

Red Cross text "HARVEY" to 90999 to donate $10

Starbucks is allowing you to donate in stores at check out.

Itunes has a direct link for you to donate to within the iTunes store.

Donate through Facebook to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy... they'll match up to $1 million

Salvation Army (can also check your local one)

The Humane Shelter is helping animals within Texas and you can help them HERE.

The morning Mashup from SiriusXM Hits one has teamed up with Music for Relief, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing aid to survivors of natural disasters and helping those impacted recover and rebuild. Check it out here.

The Magnolia Market, Joanna and Chip Gaines, shop has a T-Shirt available for $26 and all of the proceeds will go Hurricane Relief until September 30th.

Ella + Mila is giving all proceeds from the shades Don't Be Blue ,  Bite Me,  Heart Breaker, and Pure Love to Red Cross until Sept 15th.

For those Indie Polish lovers if you are familiar with The Indie Shop, they are hosting an auction and all of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief. All of the info is HERE and it will be going until September 3rd.

Whimsical Nail Polish will be having a Labor Day sale. Its by 3 get 1 free, and all of the proceeds will be going to Hurricane Harvey relief. Check it out HERE.

Amazon has put together a list of items you can purchase that will go directly to the area in need! You can see it HERE. There are a lot of things one wouldn't think of that actually are really important. I noticed bug spray on the list and its SO important. I know from our Hurricane last year mosquitos thrive in all of that sitting water and become an issue, here they even had to fly over areas with mosquito spray and make sure everyone was inside because it was so bad.

The band All Time Low has just said.... "For the next week, all of our online store's profits will go to #HurricaneHarvey relief - if you'd prefer to donate directly, you can donate to the Greater Houston Community Foundation here:

As I see more ways to help/donate I will share them. If you know of another place that is giving you ways to help let me know and I will add it to this list! Another thing I want to mention before signing off. If you live in an area prone to bad storm, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, ETC remember how important it is to stay on top of those forecasts. Each type of storm in those mentioned tend to have a season so it is very important for you to know what those may be in your area. Right now it is Hurricane Season for the US and the waters are quite active. If you live in an area that is capable of getting a Hurricane or tropical storm I highly encourage you to download some sort of weather app so you can keep up with the latest info. Another great way to stay up to date is to find your local National Weather service on twitter if you have twitter. Even if you live in a small town look to what the closest large city would be and see if they cover your area. Once you find one that fits you follow it and turn on the notifications for it. Honestly The Weather Channel gets a lot of info from there so you might even get info before The Weather Channel puts it out. You may not think much of it but it can be really helpful, especially in storm season. Stay safe guys, I now will be quickly taking the little Dixie outside because my National Weather Service has notified of incoming storms! TTYL! 

~25 Sweetpeas

**Before donating its always a good idea to check to make sure it is an actual donation. You can find a lot of helpful info HERE.

Polish that I used in this mani is White out by Pretty Beautiful Polish! My favorite Texas made polish!


  1. Great ideas Sarah! Our company is matching our donations, so I'm happy my contribution will be doubled. I also saw that The American Red Cross also has an Amazon wish list & you can purchase things that will go automatically to them.


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