Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 8

Sweetpeas Picks

Wow, its August!? Like how in the world!? I'm in denial tho, Its still June in my mind! LOL, I wish! Anywhooo, welcome back for a new Sweetpeas Picks! I just got done filming my video for tomorrow which is my July Faves and I had so much fun actually! If a year ago you told me I would have fun being on camera I would have said you are crazy, but I guess crazy things do happen! Its times like this where I think and get all deep about blogging. Like I love this so much, all of it too! From the creating, the editing, and so on. Its so cool and amazing that people read and watch and even enjoy it. Its SO neat, and sometimes I really think about it and it just makes me so thankful for those who support what I do with 25 Sweetpeas! :) So thank YOU!

Also I always remember saying I wanted to have a website and I am pretty sure I was under the age of 10 at the time and now its a real thing, thats just kind of cool! Granted at the time I was thinking it would basically be a music reviewing site but eh thats not quite the direction I went. LOL, granted I do LOVE the times where I get to sneak that love in. Which lets be honest, its totally one of the reasons I started this Sweetpeas Picks! Hehe! Which actually brings me to my first thing....

1. LovelytheBand just released their CD called Finding It Hard to Smile, and its really good! I am listening to it at the moment and I am so glad I bought it, and discovered them earlier this year too. Some of my faves from the CD are... Pity Party, Make You Feel Pretty, and I Like The Way. Obviously all of the songs are amazing but those are the ones I keep repeating today, granted I'm sure tomorrow it will be different. :)

2. So you know this Bullet Journal thing? Well in tomorrows Youtube Video I will be showing you some pages from mine! You will have to check it out and let me know if you would like a blog post on it, or maybe even videos for it? I am finding it to be very helpful and fun!

3. I didn't know there were blogs based around bullet journaling but there are and I'm excited! Plantful is the one I found via Instagram, and her Youtube! All of the photos are so amazing, beautiful, and inspiring! You must check it out, I now wish I had more time! LOL!

4. Ooo, back to music for a moment. So you know how Spotify does those Spotify Sessions? Yeah, well 5 Seconds of Summer just did it with Lie to Me (One of my faves of Youngblood) and OH MY! Its amazing. Then they also did Post Malones Stay, which I was prepared to not like, but WOW! So good! I am now convinced they could sing anything and I would love it! Ha, shall I throw it back to early American Idol days and say they "could sing the phonebook" and I would like it! LOL! (Not gonna lie, for the longest time I thought, wow the phonebook must be a hard song to sing, 😂 LOL, I mean why couldn't it be a song, Telephone is, Payphone is! hehe!)

5. So I just discover this world of games on Youtube! Like the Try not to Sing Along videos, and finish the song line, and Name the song (while its playing in reverse) and its kind of so fun! Like I have some now in my "Watch Later" so I do it while painting! Hehe, its just really fun I think! I don't really have any specific videos to point you too but basically its per artist you want and genre. So you can look up whatever and its really fun. We started on one that was like 2000's music and then we went on to certain artists and its fun!

Sweetpeas Picks

6. Sea Turtle nests! So the above picture is actually my most recent Sea Turtle mani I posted and a real sea turtle nest! It only seemed fitting to take a photo! I always walk far from the beach entrance and love coming along nests. I think there were like 6 marked on the walk the other day!

Well guys that is it! I hope you are having a FABulous Sunday, its beautiful here and I am quite enjoying it! Plus I have loud music on so of course it can't be that bad right? Also I just posted a decently lengthed chat on my InstaStory so check that out and let me know. Ooo, also I ordered something today that I think will really change some things up over here and I'm kinda getting excited but also like don't want to get too excited because it hasn't even shipped sooo. LOL! This is why I don't like ordering online!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah

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  1. I love that you fit so many turtles on your nails!

  2. You’re so lucky to see some sea turtle nests! So cool (love the nails too)


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