Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 16

Hello there everyone! Welcome back to another new Sweetpeas Picks! Can you believe we are on to Volume 16! That makes me so happy because this is one of my favorite blog posts to write weekly for you guys, its just nice to relax and chat with you about everything, so lets get started on Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 16!

1. Have you guys even checked out Reese Witherspoon's blog!? I did over the summer but kind of forgot about it till now so I've been visiting it more lately! Its really nice and has some delicious looking recipes! Also might I add that her new book looks really nice. I flipped through it at Target and the photos were/are lovely and the recipes sounded yummy!

2. While we are talking about books Zoe Suggs Cordially Invited comes out this week and I'm really hoping it releases in the US because I totally want to give it a look and then probably get it because from the sneak peeks and the behind the scenes things I have seen it look really good! However I cant seem to find any info about a US release so I'm guessing its gonna be a no! :(

3. National Coffee Day was yesterday! Did you all celebrate? I had an extra cup of coffee, well half a cup and turned it into an Iced Coffee! Also while on the the subject of coffee have you tried Trader Joes Coffee Syrup?! And I'm not talking like a syrup for coffee, I mean a coffee flavored syrup! Its SOO good! I have had in in biscotti now and I put in in my ice coffee as a sweetener and to deepen  the Coffee flavor and its so good!

4. I am working on the first blog post for the Music Files and oh my this is like one of my new favorite things ever! Seriously, I am having so much fun with it!

5. Oh I did Coffee Nail Art in honor of Coffee Day! Did you see it? If you missed it you can see it here.

6. Just a heads up, if you write drafts in Instagram to make life easier, don't delete the app. Ok so that is probably a given but I wasn't thinking and deleted the app because I was out of space on my phone and I lost all 26 drafts I had written. Ekkk, it was terrible and then resulted in a late night of catching up because I find draft SO helpful especially since I'm not on my phone all day, and sometimes would veer away from posting at good times because I didn't have time to actually write up a caption, so drafts are amazing... when you don't delete them!

7. So its officially fall and I really like THIS sweater at Target from the new Wild Fable collection but like the heat index was 105* F so I cant really wrap my mind around buying a sweater, granted it is cute and very chill. If my Target gets a Green in, in the correct size I may have to do it tho! PS, if you are looking at them just a heads up, they run big. I tried one on in another color so I could know what size would work and the size I would traditionally go for was too big. Will have to try the next one down and see it it looks better!

8. I went in to Ulta to get a new eyeliner and a lipstick because I had a coupon for $5 off $10 so if I was going to spend $5 any way it made sense to just get my total up to $10 and still just spend $5. Anyway they has the new Morphe 35V which I saw in the ad so I figured they wouldn't actually have it but they did and OH MY! Its so pretty! Needless to say I'll be adding it to my Christmas list. It has colors I don't normally play with but maybe thats a good way to get out of my element. I did try the tester, (which resulted in a colorful hand) and they were so creamy and applied really nicely! I am most definitely going to have to get one!

9. While on the subject of makeup I picked up ColourPop's Beeper and I've worn it both days since I got it and I love that shade. Its a bit darker on the lip than in the bottle but its SO pretty and I just love it.

Well guys that is a wrap for today! I hope you have enjoyed todays post, I know I had a lot of fun! Also before signing off I just want to say a big Thank you! We are so close to 1000 subscribers on Youtube and thats just super exciting! I love creating videos over there and I am just so excited and happy that others are watching and hopefully enjoying it as well! Thanks so much for checking to Sweetpeas Picks today and I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah

Song : Streetfight
Artist : Smallpools


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