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Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there everyone! I hope you have all had a nice weekend, mine has been filled with prepping for the week and a secret project that I can't wait to announce! I'm one of those people that when I have an idea I must do it ASAP, and well I've done that this weekend and thats all I can/should say! LOL!

I know this is usually a super happy, chipper post and meant to bring a smile and inspire/help people find new things but this week has left me wanting to do something a little different and share some info for everyone to see. As I think everyone knows Hurricane Michael came through the Panhandle of Florida this week and then made its way into Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, and even up into Virginia. I say "came through the Panhandle" and in all honesty thats weak wording. It barreled into it and left it a catastrophic mess. (Thanks for all the safe wishes over the week to everyone, we were very fortunate and Michael kept its distance, and we just had a little wind and rain from some of the rain bands.) It impossible to cover all of the places that were hit but no matter where you see photos, or aerial footage from its heart breaking. I think back to what we've seen from past hurricanes and wow. What happened with Michael is something no one imagines. With Mexico Beach being 95% destroyed that really puts things into perspective. Plus since I've been to some of those areas numerous time's it really makes you see it in a different way. We used to stay at the St Joes State Park and now its totally cut off, you would have to go by boat. The city we'd drive to, to get cell service is 95% gone, the restaurant we would pass and say "that place looks cool" I literally saw get blown over on a live cam. Even despite the fact I was never a huge fan of those vacations (I always got sunburnt on Day 1 and was in pain for the rest of the week) its a beautiful area and so sad to see now. Here is some great information on the storm in all the places affect by Hurricane Michael. Also where are some photos too. Also if you are familiar with the area there is an "after map" HERE that you can visit to see the after condition of the said area. All of the hard hit areas where captured and the normal roads as you would see on any GPS are still there so you can use your road knowledge to move around even where the roads are gone.

Now below I will share some ways you can possibly help if you would like and possible ways you can get help if you are there. (I doubt anyone affected is reading this since cell serve and internet are basically non existent but if you know someone in that area feel free to let them know if you can)

Winn Dixie has Brought in a Mobile Pharmacy in Panama City and it will be there until the store is reopened, and it will be full functioning with vaccinations available as well. Check out their Facebook page for great the address here.

All 4 Winn Dixies in the impacted area will be giving out free bottled water and ice.

If you aren't in an affected area but want to help look to local news outlets to find out how to help. Most will have a list telling you where you can drop off supplies that will then be taken to areas in need. Water, and canned goods area always good options.

Facebook will be taking donations and matching $1million to help Save the Children in the affected areas.

Airbnb will be opening up places for those who lost homes to stay.

If you are in the area lots of cellular companies has opened wifi hotspots to help you connect with loved ones and may have taken off data limits (Check with carrier, most often they will let you know somehow). Cell service is the worst after a hurricane and lots to texts just get stuck so remember that when trying to communicate. I know last year we were hit by Irma and a the cell service was terrible texts came in sporadically and majorly delayed. There was one groups text between family and I was in it yet got 0 of the texts yet my brother got them, and then about a month later they came to my phone.

For a really good full list check out this list Fast Company has compiled. Its filled with ways to help and ways to get in touch to help. From animals and no kill shelters wanting to help, to Medical needs, disaster clean up, and food. Also if you are local in a state affected check any local business/event. I know for the area I am there is a golf tournament coming up and proceeds will be donated. Even big chain places like Winn Dixie and Publix may allow you to date when check out by rounding up your total, there are just so many ways. Also I know we have music lovers out there, if you use iTunes to purchase music keep an eye out for them to allow you do donate through them. I've yet to see that option but it usually comes when something like this happens so be on the look out.

Well guys I'm going to call it a day, sorry this wasn't your normal Sweetpeas Picks post but this was just something I wanted to do in hopes that maybe it could help, or if nothing else just inform.

Hope you are having a nice evening!

~25 Sweetpeas

This weeks thumbnail is a photo I took this week once it finally stopped raining in the sunshine state. You can't really tell in this shot but the other parts of the beach were covered in sea weed from our extra high high tides this past week.


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