Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 20

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Sweetpeas Picks
Hello there everyone and Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying the extra hour! I am, it feels like I'm almost like out of time but them I look at the clock and its much earlier than I am expecting and I'm totally ok with that in all honesty! However the sky is contributing to this today too though, its really grey and dark out. Anyway, its finally time for a new Sweetpeas Pick. Last weekend there was a new Music Files so I just decided to skip on this post so that one could be loaded with fun! :) So if you missed that check it out here.

1. I'm still amazed that its already November! Like how is that even possible!

2. Have you been to Target Post Halloween? The Christmas decor is in full swing and oh my this year there are like 6 different themes and they are ALL so pretty. There is the classy cold wintery Birchwood Bay collection which has such a snowy classy feel. Then the Toymaker one has a old time-y vehicle vibe with cute lil birds in scarfs, and a slight outdoor feel. Then the Farmhouse Holiday theme feels like a Hallmark Movie that takes place in a cabin setting, or in a small town but very cozy. Then there is the Enchanted Eve Holiday collection and oh my! Its such a clean cut theme with a classy vintage feel with the hints of pink and might I add I love the mercury glass! Then there is the Retro Holiday Collection and it really does have that old retro vibe, not super my style but I do LOVE the snowman ornament that has the vintage teal color. Then lastly there is the Merry Lane Holiday Collection which I think might be my fave or it might be tied with the Enchanted Eve. Its just so vibrant and has great colors, I love the use of red and turquoise together! Its SO pretty, and the birds in Parkas! SO CUTE!

3. The new Heroine NYC collection is out! Did you check it out? I'm LOVING Same Old Love. Check out the original post on it here. Also its the thumbnail of this post because why not! :)

4. Look for a nail polish advent calendar? Here is a list of some good ones! *The OPI one has sold out since I initially posted about it, sorry!*

5. Panic at the Disco's rendition of "The Greatest Show" is out! What do y'all think? I think they did a FABULOUS job!

6. Ok so anytime you ever see me feature on my blog that is beauty like makeup/ skin care / nail care or anything like that I always test the products for quite some time before sharing my opinion on an item like that just because some of those things require repeated use ya know? Any whoooo, I'm testing out some things from Stella Chroma which I am most excited about and I literally can't contain my excitement for the scent Pineapple & Brown Sugar. Its SMELLS amazing, and just like you would hope with that name.

7. I decorated my "filming" area for Christmas, and this has NEVER happened this early! Its so weird and great, but really weird! Ha! But see I'm getting ready to go full force swatching Christmas Collections so it just seemed fitting and considering some of the themes of upcoming videos! Its just needed ya know? They way Elsie described it here is just spot on!

Well guys on that note I need to head out to paint some pretty polishes, take pictures, and repeat until I'm done for the night and ready to watch tonights new Hallmark Movie! LOL! Anyone else watching them? I think I have next weekends set to tape along with the Peoples Choice Awards, next weekend will be a busy one but I will save that info for next weekend! :)

Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. I was picking through all the new Christmas items at target..... as the sales associates were busy unpacking them... 😬

  2. I was at cvs/Pharmacy on Thursday and they were putting out all the Christmas stuff. Part of me wanted to get grabby hands and buy but then I also was kinda wondering if the Halloween candy was on sale...

    This weekend has been a mess.

  3. I went to target and it was just a mess so I left lol

  4. Yes.. November is here, makes me think, "Was i drunk the whole year?"....

    On a 'serious' note, loving same old love as well.. such a beauty..

  5. I’m looking forward to testing the scents Stella Chroma sent me! Does pineapple brown sugar smell like pineapple upside down cake?

  6. I love Panic!! They did a great rendition!!!


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