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Moon Shine mani Night Light Duo

Hello there and welcome back! Today I have a look at the new Exclusive Facebook Group duo for Moon Shine mani! If you have not heard of such a thing basically this is a duo created only for those in the Facebook group, and if you are in the group on release day the info will be posted on how you can get the polishes for the proper prices. So lets check it out!

Moon Shine Mani Light Up the Night!

Light Up the Night!
3 Coats

A midnight blue jelly bomb glowing with red to green aurora shimmer and packed with primary colored holographic glitters.

Moon Shine Mani Light Up the Night!

First off how perfect is the name for this polish! It literally looks like Christmas lights at night! I love it. This polish builds up really nicely in 3 coats and looks so nice. It allows for everything to layer nicely and just show every part of the polish so well on the nail.

Moon Shine Mani Light Up the Night!

Moon Shine Mani Exterior Illumination

Exterior Illumination
1 Coat on Black

The topper version of Light Up the Night.  The clear base is glowing with red to green aurora shimmer and is filled with even more of a greater variety of primary colored holographic glitters.

Moon Shine Mani Exterior Illumination

The topper version  Light Up the Night is so great and could be worn SO many different ways! I love how it looks over black. It really comes to life as you can see in these photos. Its so vibrant and the shimmer is so pronounced.

Moon Shine Mani Exterior Illumination

This duo is releasing on December 28th and will be available until January 21st. Once you are in the Facebook group HERE for the release the polishes will be $12 individually, or $20 for the duo!  Want to see a swatch video!?

Also just a little heads up, tomorrow December 28th, Moon Shine Mani will be having an end of the year sale! So check out that info below! Also I do have pics of some of the polishes! So you can click some of the names to go check out their swatches review! Also below is a shop link so you can go check out the shop!

The End-of-Year Restock Event will take place on December 28th and will continue while supplies last.  During this event, the top ten fan group-voted discontinued polishes will return for a limited time.  
These will include: 
Over the Toptober
The Shapeshifter
True Love
How Far I’ll Go
Take Only What You Need to Survive 2.0
Swirly Twirly Gumdrops
Southern Belle
Welcome to Real Life 2.0

During the event the Mystery Listing will also return.  This listing includes overpours from LE or exclusive polishes (such as polish pickup) from 2018.  The list of polishes included in the Mystery Listing will be found in a post in the msm facebook fan group.  These overpours are in very limited supply and while customers are welcome to list the polish(es) they hope to receive from the list in the notes of their order, specific polishes are not guaranteed.  This listing will be first come first served.

During the event $5 Protos will return.  Protos may be very similar to a polish that made it into a collection this year or they may be completely different.

Talk to you soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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