Sweetpeas Picks Vol 26

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there and Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a nice weekend thus far, still trying to get over a cold here but the weather has been nice, just wising I was getting to enjoy it more! So much went up on the blog this week and Youtube actually even despite the technical issues that were a thing. So let's get this Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 26 started.

1. This past week I posted about some products I've been loving from Stella Chroma. Did you see that, if not catch up here.

2. Cruisr has a new song out called Opening Up, and its really good! Its been quite a while too, so I'm quite happy about this new song!

3. In the cover of this post you are seeing some new Cupcake Polishes! I really liked them, they are just GORGEOUS!

4. Target launched a new polish line as a "sub" release of Defy & Inspire. Its called Vita Fit, and I'm looking forward to seeing what its all about! I grabbed a few last week while they were on sale, and maybe a few more yesterday before the sale was over so I'll share my thoughts after I use them. Especially since they are $2.99 and vegan! Thats pretty exciting.

5. Also pssttt, today on Instagram I'm going to be posting a giveaway. So if you don't already, make sure you are filling 25 Sweetpeas so you can see and enter! :)

6. Anyone watch or listen to the Zach Sang Show? I really enjoyed a few of them last year and currently listening to this one, well and watching cause I mean, why not?!

7. You HAVE to check out THIS mani! Kerry of the Painted Fingertips created a Microbeads sunset which is just amazing. So much detail and it just looks like a piece of art!

8. Did you see the new Morgan Taylor Spring collection? Its pretty, very neutral but they have really fun names, I think I like Merci Bouquet. Polished Lifting has great swatches.

Well thats a wrap for today! Hope you have enjoyed todays post! I am off to have some nachos and then get busy on tomorrows big video and blog post!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


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