Chirality Soften Your Tips Cuticle Oil

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Chirality Soft Tips Cuticle Oil

Hello there everyone! Hope you are having a nice day! Today on my Instagram I am posting a quick lil nail care video, and it features this new to me cuticle oil I've been using and enjoying a lot recently so I thought I would fill you  in here too!

Chirality Soft Tips Cuticle Oil

This is the Chirality Soften Your Tips cuticle oil, and this is in their new 3 mL size. Its a great little travel size one in my opinion and will still last you a long time. This is unscented too so thats nice. You don't have to worry it will be competing with any other scent you may be wearing. :)

It has a nice Doe Foot applicator which also allows you to easily be able to push your cuticles back as you are also putting on the oil! Yay!

While Chirality has had this out for a bit this is a new size! The other size is a 12 mL and its $9. This 3mL size will be releasing at some point between now and the 24th, and this size will be $5.

Chirality Soft Tips Cuticle Oil

If you want to see my full routine be sure to follow along on Instagram HERE. If you want to shop this be sure to keep on checking out the Chirality Shop, the big size is already there, but this will be there soon! :) You can shop the link below!


Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


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