Glisten & Glow | June 2019 Indie Pickup

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Glisten & Glow | June 2019 Indie Pickup

Hello there! Welcome back, today I have quick lil post for you introducing you to the new Glisten and Glow Products that will be available for the June Indie Pickup. The month of June has a really neat theme in my opinion, its Weather Phenomena, so lets see that Glisten & Glow will be having!

Glisten & Glow | June 2019 Indie Pickup

For the IPU Glisten & Glow will be having 2 items sold in a little bundle and they are a cuticle oil and top coat! If you are already a user of Glisten and Glow than you already know their top coats is really nice and this is the same one so you already know! :) Any time you see me using a Glisten & Glow polish I am also using their top coat! So pictured below is a swatch where I have used their top coat. If you aren't familiar with the top coat you should know that its nice, its very glossy, dries quickly and doesn't smear nail art! Woo Hoo!!!

The seconds part of the bundle is the Cuticle oil! I am always using cuticle oils and this one is so very nice. I love the easy of G&G oils too. They come in a nice size pen that you can take any where and not worry about leaking. Plus the brunch applicator is one of my faves. This one is in a scent called "Misty Summer Mornings". Its notes are; exotic fruits, fresh crisp morning air, and a touch of mornings misty dew. To me it does have a very fruity fresh scent that is maybe even a tad tropical, thing a lil along the lines of pineapple. So its really nice, and I think its a great one for summer

This duo will be available using the Indie Pickup of June. It will start Junes 7th at 10am and go until June 10th and 10am. This duo will be $13.50. As for caps, I've not heard anything about there being one so I'll check on that and let you know! :)

**** Its official; there are NO caps!

Glisten & Glow | June 2019 Indie Pickup

Keep an eye on the Polish Pickup/Indie Pickup site, the Wishlist will open before the actual release date to make your shopping process easier. :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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