Summer Foliage and Flowers Nail Art

Summer Foliage and Flower Nail Art

Hello there! Woo, two new blog post in the same day! Today on my Youtube I not only have a swatch video up for my previous post, but I also have a new Nail art tutorial up. I'm trying to do more art, and more than just nail art. Its a work in progress. I'm ahead in my content building, so I've been doing more than what you have been seeing! :) Anywhooo lets check out this mani!

Summer Foliage and Flower Nail Art

For this art I started with China Glaze Beach Buff, which was in this post.  I then did the free hand foliage, then topped that with a few lil white flowers made via dots, added a yellow center, and thats it! Super easy, and I have a video up on my Youtube showing it all. I did top it with a matte top coat and I feel like that kind of made it, a very sleek looking mani if that makes any sense.

Summer Foliage and Flower Nail Art

Below you can head over to the video!

Summer Foliage and Flower Nail Art

Hope you have enjoyed todays mini blog post! Also to everyone how has been super supporting on my Youtube and has been following all of the videos over there. There have been a lot this year and have been having so much fun with Youtube, and we recently his 1,500! Crazy to think so, but I'm super excited about it so thank you so much!

Talk to you Soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I always love nail art, but can't do it myself. You do a great job with the lace.



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