The Best Grey Polish This Fall

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Must Have Grey Polishes

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a great day! Today I have a bit of a new post to share with you! So I was looking at a handful of collections I've swatched recently and realized there were some really neat/nice grey shades. Then I was just pursuing Pinterest and was also noticing a lot of grey in different shades. Which lead me to this idea of showing you a few grey's I've liked lately. I may try to do this with a few other colors too. May also double as a good way of creating some fun gift ideas if you are looking for something for someone who likes a certain nail polish color. Anywhoo today is all about grey!

This whole post was a video idea first so there is a video for this where I will chat over it all more and   show you them side by side like above! :)

None of these are dupes by any means so you could need them all but also maybe you like one more than the other. I feel like these are so close to creating an ombre look and I love that idea! :)

Orly Astral Projection 25 Sweetpeas

First up is Orly Astral Projection from the Dreamscape Collection this fall. This has an excellent formula, so creamy, and goes on so nice. I really like this one, and I quite enjoyed how this looked on my nails. I feel like it is what I would consider a cool toned grey. Kinda pulls a lil bit of blue into it I think.

Zoya Tieran

Next up we have Zoya Tieran which is from the new Holiday Twinkling Collection. This is just your classic dark grey. Not warm, not cold, just a grey in my opinion. This also has an excellent formula, very creamy and covers so well in just 2 coats!

Orly Into the Deep

Lastly we have the darkest grey! This is Orly Into the Deep from the Dreamscape collection. Its a deep dark charcoal grey. Its one of those that from a far it would totally look like you are wearing a black polish when in fact you are not! Its really pretty, and again has a great formula.

So there ya have it! 3 great grey's that are new and easy to be found right now, plus they all have  really good formulas. If you want to see them in action check out todays new YouTube Video.

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Love this roundup! Next time I paint my nails I'll pick a grey shade. I def need to use them more often :)

  2. It’s hard to pull gray but you made all these shades look fabulous

  3. I love how dark Orly Into the Deep is! Beautiful.

  4. I like all three of these shades but I am in love with that Astral Projection. Going to need to need to add that to my collection.

  5. Ohhhh that Zoya one is the perfect tone for my preferences!


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