Moon Shine Mani | Honors Banana Sundae

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Moon Shine Mani Honors Banana Sundae

Hey ya! How are you doing? I know things are different and rough, and well at this point I'm just hoping this week is better. The best part of my days + the only normal part that keeps me normal is my blogging/YouTube schedule, its one thing that I am in control of and thats nice. ;) Today I have a new Moon Shine Mani to show you that is coming out later on this week. Its a new polish made by the daughter of Phoebe, the wonderful woman behind Moon Shine Mani! So lets check it out!

Moon Shine Mani Honors Banana Sundae

Honors Banana Sundae
3 coats

A sunny pastel yellow crelly filled with a mix of purple and blue glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Moon Shine Mani Honors Banana Sundae

This is a really fun polish! It covers perfectly in 3 coats, and allows you to really get some neat glitter placements/layers! This polish is described as a yellow but I feel like it pulls a bit more of a green tone, but still super fun! This will be releasing on April 24th, and it will be available for $12, and there will be no restock of it once it has sold out.


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