Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 59

25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Hope you are having a good weekend. I've debated on doing this post or not because my weekend hasn't been great, but I enjoy writing this post so going to give it a go! Sweetpeas Picks is one of my fave sort of post because its just so random and covers anything I want it too, which is extra fun!

1. Did you watch #TogetheratHome yesterday? I pretty much watched it all, or had it on in the background. My faves were, Niall, Liam, Finneas, and Keith Urban. Lizzo was really good too! So was Lady Gaga, and Lady Antebellum!

2. I have recently found a really neat Instagram called Laura Jane Illustrations, and its just lovely! You should totally check it out if you are looking to add some happy + motivational posts to your Instagram Feed.

3. The account I mentioned in #2 lead me to a really lovely blog by the creator! Its called Hello Happee, and its adorable.

4. The new Christian French song is good! Its called I think to much.

5. I just spent way to long looking for a dream blogger template.

6.  Have you been keeping up on all of my recent videos on Youtube. Basically I have been posting a new video daily since, what February? I may have missed a few days, but for sure since March 9th there has been at least one video daily, and honestly thats kinda crazy.  Lotsa nail art videos and swatch video! The next few weeks in particular will have more swatches, but no worries, art will be returning. Also hoping to plan some lives. :)

Well I think I'm going to cute todays post a lil short, because I think my iPad is charged now so I need to go put some final touches on an illustration! :)


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