Lemon Product Launch | Society 6

Lemon Product Launch | Society 6 25 Sweetpeas

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Remember when I launched a bunch of Face Masks on Society 6 a while ago? Well after that I had the idea to create another one but have it be designed by those who follow me on Instagram and swatch my stories. So I ended up posting a series of polls and we together created a super cute lemon print that was then to be turned into masks that are now available on my Society 6 shop! *Exciting*

That all being said, I got a lil lemon happy and made way more than masks, and I gave some color options + you can even get a cute lil Squeeze the Day sticker now to go with and accessorize whatever you would like! I ended up creating a whole vlog about the process of this collection I'll share it later on! :) First up I have a lil collage of a few of the products to show you. There are a lot more than this available and there are 2 color options for almost all of it, you can get the teal option, or white so lets take a look!
Lemon Product Launch | Society 6 25 Sweetpeas

Want to watch the vlog of the behind the scene process? Check it out below!

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