Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 62

25 Sweetpeas Picks

Hello and welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks blog posts! Its been a long bit since I've last written one of these for numerous reasons, but today I'm back and ready to write one. As you may have noticed, things are looking a little different around here! 

This summer, I have really been trying to enjoy Instagram. I've been posting more and more things that I enjoy and I feel like the space I have created on my profile shows me better than it ever has before, *cheesy I know*. Really though, now you see my other passions, my other hobbies, my favorite places, my art, and a lil bit of life. and what I want to use my platform to voice. SO I feel like it has been SUCH a good change. I've been excited about it. However lately the idea of writing blog posts just wasn't exciting. The site was feeling like the same thing over and over, and no personality. SOOOO, that made me want a change up, and then there was an error with my old look, granted I fixed it but by that point I was ready to make a change so I did! Now I am more excited about the site than ever before and I am SO excited about new content!  Anywhoooo, today is a Sweetpeas Picks post so lets get to the fun things. Not that there are that many fun things in the world to chat about lately.

  1. I am really enjoying Kinx Active nail polish! They are peel off, and wear insanely well! 
  2. Kissing Booth 2 look really good! Have you seen the preview?  Also love the fact there is a Walk the Moon Song in the Preview!
  3. I've recently started the @art_side_of_life on Instagram and I am loving her account! So inspiring!
  4. I've just found this blog by Emma McGoldrick and everything looks amazing, and I can't wait to deep dive into reading all of her posts!
  5. Its currently 96 ° feels like 101 °, but I'm having the most delicious French press latte! 😂
  6. The ring I am wearing in the photo is new and I'm OBSESSED! I recently purchased a few rings from Sea Candy Jewelry and I LOVE them! Super affordable, are sterling silver, and they have so many cute rings! Matter of fact they just released some new ones that are totally going on a wishlist. After liking them so much I also got to join their rep team! So if you ever want to purchase anything on their site you can use the code 25Sweetpeas15 for 15% off your order! 
  7. I am REALLY missing he beach. The amount of times I have been this year is staggering low and saddening but its all for the best I hope! I will for sure have to make up for it! I miss so much of it too. I always enjoy every aspect of it, and I saw this video the other day on Instagram and honestly was just mesmerized! Those saves! Ahh, I could never surf but I will happily watch it! :)
  8. I launched some new Lemon Prints/Designs on various Products in my Society 6 Shop! I'll be making a full blog post about it soon but thought I would give y'all a heads up here! :) 

Ok well I think thats enough random chatter for today! Thank you so much for stopping by and spending a little time here! I really appreciate it!

25 Sweetpeas


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