Easy Step By Step Holly Nail Art

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Easy Step By Step Holly Nail Art

Well hello there! I know Christmas is technically over but hey I still have things I want to share that I've not shared yet soooo. I'm gonna go for it I think!  :)  So last week I shared a blog post with a how to draw and or paint a holly cluster! If you missed it you can find it here. So I thought today I would show those actions done with paint on my nails! 

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this mani plus you can do it in so many different color combos. You can go traditional colors, you can go girly, vintage, woodland, just anything really! :) Its part of what makes it so fun!

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Easy Step By Step Holly Nail Art

Step By Step

1. Apply Your Base Coat. Let Dry.  Now Apply your base color, I used a light pink on my art finger. Let Dry.

2. Using a medium dotting tool and red acrylic paint put a cluster of 3 dots as shown above. 

3. Now using your paint brush and green acrylic paint paint on the leaves. For tips on the leaves check out this blog post

4. Using your clean paint brush grab some white paint and put in a lil shine line on each holly berry. Let dry, and then apply your top coat!

Easy Step By Step Holly Nail Art

There ya have it! A super easy design! You can then accent it with other colors on the rest of your nails or do it on all of your nails! Its 100% up to you and really easy to do either way. Hope you enjoyed this lil different set up of a blog post! I really enjoyed creating it!


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