Silver and Gold Gradation Nail Art + Goodbye 2020!

Silver and Gold Gradation Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Well hello there! Its about time I sit down and close out the year here on the blog. I didn't do "New Years" Nails this year, as well, I just wasn't feeling it and didn't want to do those sorts of colors. That being said in Nailmas I did a Silver and Gold Glitter gradation that was such a fun mani that would totally work with a NYE theme so I thought I would share that here today! :) 

So 2020, yeah enough said right?! Its been a year unlike any other. Weird, hard, not fun, challenging and well the list goes on doesn't it? Before we were even in a full fledged pandemic my year was weird so I feel like that just took it to another level of hard. However, the good thing is, I survived it. My family survived it, and if you are reading this you did too. Take a sign of relief. I know a lot of the weird feelings from 2020 will continue into 2021 but hey it will still hopefully have a bit of a fresh start feel to it. 

Silver and Gold Gradation Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Lets talk about 2020 in the context of 25 Sweetpeas! I will say the nature of the year certainly messed up goals I had and hindered ideas for sure. However I also love what came out of some "pivots" and just where 25 Sweetpeas is now at the end of the year. 

Soon as the pandemic began I basically started sharing videos daily on YouTube. Which is a lot of work but it gave a great task for me to do, something that was fully in my control and something I could manage when nothing else could be counted on ya know? Plus I felt like doing daily videos might help others going though a rough time. Give them something to watch when "new" tv became non-existent, and hopefully inspire some to try a new hobby, or just simply have an escape from the constant depressing news stream that consumed, and still consumes our daily life. This led me to having so much fun in my lil YouTube community. Also I felt like this was something I probably also did to honestly distract myself too. March - ??? has been hard.

Then we got to early summer and the daily videos were still going. I then also started to try to do more art not on nails, try out art products on camera, share more personal art and behind the scenes on Instagram. I also broke my Instagram up into 2 Instagrams! ( Best decision ever! ) This time also became a very pivotal time in deciding how to use certain platforms. Major issues within the country I live in finally came to the forefront, and I wanted to do what I could to help so I tried my best, and will continue to do so. 

At this time I also made a decision that if you have a public platform, you should use it to support topics that are important to you. I tackled topics I never would have dared to touch in years past. I'd always thought I would keep Political things out of my work, but in 2020 that's just not right. You have to say something because saying nothing also says a lot. The state of the world, and other aspects of my life were just really dragging me down, so if there was anything I could do to help in any way/shape, or form I wanted to.

Now in the timeline aspect that we are sort of chatting in we are in July. I actually did a blog revamp! I got a new look for the website which is something I'd not done in years, so that was super nice. It felt freeing and I still love it. I feel like there are so many more possibilities now. I started creating more creative blog posts and having so much fun. Then I sort of went silent for a bit on my blog, and on Instagram. Life got extremely hard. I started to prioritize things differently too help in the "25 Sweetpeas" part of my life which was really nice actually. I ended up halting big swatch blog posts which I had sort of fallen out of love with, and just focused on having that sort of content on Youtube. This was such a good change for me. Especially in life at this time. The sort of quick little cliff note version I can share at the moment is our dog unexpectedly got very sick. Managing that in a Covid world was really hard as the way you navigate those sorts of appointments is very different. The results of some of those appointments weren't good. So it was really hard. Not ready yet to go into detail yet, but someday I will. This is actually still very much an ongoing thing too, which is actually a great thing. Because that means some things we were told we proved wrong. Basically right now we are uncharted territory.  So like I said this is ongoing and I'm taking notes, insane in detail notes might I add, and I do plan on getting this information out to the correct sources so what we've been able to do for our dog can maybe also help some one else.

Needless to say, this has been one of the hardest years ever. Very thankful to be at the point I am and oh so thankful to have 25 Sweetpeas. Its been the one consistent thing in my life that I've been able to be in control of and in a year where nothing is going to plan, and or predictable its been nice to have my lil world of 25 Sweetpeas and everyone here.

Silver and Gold Gradation Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

Phew, that was a lot, but also was sort of nice to share with ya'll! I know there is a lot more I could chat about, and a lot of things I left out as they don't need to be on here ya know? But hopefully that gives ya a lil insight on things here! 

Now as for this mani, I think we've been chatting enough SO I'm going to share the link below for the tutorial! It technically released as a Nailmas video but this is an all year around mani in my personal opinion! :) 

Well guys, I think that's a wrap for today! Thanks so much for everything this year! I hope you are still having a wonderful and safe Holiday season!

Stay safe, wash your hands, social distance, and take care of your self! :)


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