Top 3 Polishes To Wear Daily

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Top 3 Polishes To Wear Daily

Hello there! Welcome to the first post of 2021?! Thats so weird looking right? I started typing it last year for videos where the polishes release in 2021 but its still weird! Anyway, today I want to try out a new sort of post. Over the past few months I've started to paint both hands more! I know that sounds weird, but when I swatch a lot and I get to the end of a swatch section I'm not usually too excited about repaint both hands, so often my hands do not match, and or there is one hand with no polish on. 

That all being said lately I keep wanting both hands done, and for them to match too. So I want quick easy, and doesn't show a ton of wear if I want both of my hands in front of a camera lol! Plus so my nails look nice when I'm working on others tasks, like illustrating on my iPad! ;) I have found my self gravitating towards 3 polishes lately. I will wear them alone and or together and I am just obsessed with them, so I thought I would share those today. Also one of the polishes I have had for about a year and its like half gone, I use it THAT much! So lets check them out!

Top 3 Polishes To Wear Daily

1. Orly Rose Colored Glasses -
    If you watch my Youtube videos you know I mention/use this polish SO much, and you've probably seen the bottle that is actually about half empty. This is not a creme, this is what I call a perfector. Which is basically a sheer/milky polish that you can apply to either neutralize the color of your nail bed, or to build a nice milky base for some art. I LOVE this polish for negative space manis, or abstracts, but I also wear it alone if I just want a clean nail look. Its just the best. I'm a big fan. 

Top 3 Polishes To Wear Daily

2. Orly Inexhaustible Charm

    This is my favorite glitter at the moment and it has been my go to for like every mani for the last month.  I wear it build up as a major glittery rose gold/copper look. Or I will wear it as an accent, or a gradation. Basically any way you can wear it I have and am loving it! This is so odd for me too, because I don't often wear a glitter that doesn't also have holo just for fun. This though, I just LOVE it!

Top 3 Polishes To Wear Daily
3. Huella Vegan Nail Lacquer - Princess and the Peony

    I love creme polishes, they are usually what I chose to wear more often than not. This has been a favorite since I got it, the formula is excellent, and the brush is amazing. I used it in Christmas Art and I've been wearing it alone and ahhh, I just love this. Its such a light pink too so its not too bad looking if you get a chip. Plus it looks fabulous combined with the top 2 polishes I shared above! :)

So there ya have it, my favorite go to polishes at the moment! Seriously tho, I've worn the first one SO much in the past year and the other two in the past few months since I got them. I just love them!

What are your go to polishes at the moment?


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