Step By Step Abstract Nail Art

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Abstract Nail Art _ 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I have a super easy pictorial to share with you! I recently shared 3 polishes I have really been enjoying here on the blog, then I featured those 3 polishes together in a video here. So now its time to see those polishes here all in one mani too!

What You Will Need

Easy Abstract Nails

1. Prep your nails as you normally do and then apply your base coat! Let that dry and then apply your perfector polish. Depending on how sheer or not will decide how many coats you will need to do. Of the polish I used, I did about 2-3 coats. Just changes on how milky I want my nails too look.

Easy Abstract Nails

2. Once your base + Base color is all dried grab your light pink. Open it up and try to get a good amount of the polish off of the brush and back into the bottle on one side of the brush. After you've done that, then you can put on stroke of the that on your nail. If you did too little polish just keep building it up until you like the stroke. Also try and keep those lil natural brush stroke marks at the tip. It adds to the mani I think!

Easy Abstract Nails

2. Now do the same thing with your glitter polish off set from the other polish stroke. Just let it slightly overlap as shown above!

Easy Abstract Nails

3. Now use your white acrylic paint and you can use a dotting tool to do clusters of dots in the negative space. I like my clusters to be in 3's. Now if you are feeling ambitious you can also add in the lil starts as I did in above photo. However if you don't have a brush or you are just not feeling up to it, no problem! The dots will suffice and look super cute!

Easy Abstract Nails

4. Now let it all dry and apply your favorite top coat! :)

Easy Abstract Nails

Thats is it! Really simple, and so cute in my opinion! I wore this mani for almost a week and honestly I kinda wish I still had it on! Its so fun, and wears really well in my opinion! :) What do y'all think of this mani!? I hope you enjoyed it and will give it a go! :)

25 Sweetpeas


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