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25 Sweetpeas 2021 Happy new Year

Hello and Happy New Year! 2021 looks so weird right? I hope your day is off to a good start so far. Decided to go ahead and do another blog post today for the fun of it. This morning I shared a Top 3 Polishes blog post, but now I thought I would share what YOU all enjoyed the most on 25 Sweetpeas this past year!

Most Popular Blog Posts from 2020

I love writing blog posts, that honestly where 25 Sweetpeas started! So I love getting a bit creative with it and this past year I did some super random posts and you liked them! YAY! So lets see what the most popular ones were!

Some really fun ones made it into your favorites! Some of my faves made it too! Thanks so much for reading  what I share on here! Now Below are some of my personal faves that weren't already mentioned!!

My Honorable Mentions

I'm sure I have forgotten some, but hey 2020 was a long year with no real events to recall things by if you know what I mean! Its basically broken into two parts in my mind. Pre-Covid, and Covid. Anyone else!? Well that's a wrap for today, thanks so much for always stopping by and reading what's going on here in my lil section of the internet! :) I always appreciate it and enjoy working on it for you!

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