Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 69


25 Sweetpeas Giant Atlantic Cockle Shell

Hello there and welcome back to another Sweetpeas Pick post! Its been a bit but thought I would pop in today and share some thing's Ive really enjoyed and just sort of have a chat. The most recent time change has messed me up slightly, you? I feel like ooo, I've gotten so much done and its so early, and then I look at the clock and its no longer early. 

1. Have you heard of Vizer? Its such a cool app that I have been using since about the end of January! It works with an Apple Watch and or a Fitbit, and basically if you complete either 30 minutes of activity or 10,000 steps in a day you get to donate a meal to someone who needs it! Its so neat and cool, and I just love it because its something I already strive to do daily but now doing so can help others too! I would totally suggest checking it out! Seriously tho, check it out! There are also ways for you to redeem treats! 🙂

2. Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie , need I say more? I've had this pinned for so long, yet have never had all of the ingredients at once too actually make it but I finally made it this weekend! It was super easy, and pretty good. I feel like it wasn't that sweet, and would like to make it a lil sweeter next time but until then this was good!

3. These earrings by Heading Colors are just SOOO cute! I would totally wear jelly fish earrings! Also I have jelly fish on the brain as I have been reading about them a lot lately!

4. Imagine Dragons came out with 2 new songs, and I really like Follow You!

5.  I'm on an unofficial quest to find a playlist that sounds like you are at a waterfront restaurant, and the sun is going down, you are probably having a wonderful time! Randomly specific right?! 😂

6. I watched the new Netflix movie, Yes Day! Not really type of movie, but now I am curious what would your yes day entail? Mine would be so simple and laid back. It be spent on a beach like all day, then it would be home for a shower, put on some post beach clothing that was cute enough to go out in, then head to a waterfront restaurant where you know you can stay until after sunset, and just enjoy as much of the evening there as possible, and ending the meal, which is probably shrimp and grits, with Key Lime Pie. Then back home as late as possible, change to PJs and probably end up watching Into the Blue, and or Fools Gold! Yep, sounds like a dream day!

7. The weather has been so nice I have just wanted to be outside all of the time! Anyone else?

8. I made these Pineapple Coconut Crumb bars last week and would highly recommend! Its easy and yummy! If you can't tell this sort of baking season is MY sort of season. Tropical and Fruit please!

Ok, well that's enough from me, hope you have enjoyed this! Ooo, one more thing, the shell in todays photo is a Giant Atlantic Cockle Shell! I don't often collect this sort of shell but it was in pristine condition, and very large!


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