Must Have iPad + Apple Pencil Accessories | iPad Pro 12.9 M1

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25 Sweetpeas Ipad Essentials

 Getting any sort of new tech is fun right? Its all new, you get to open it, set it all up, organize things, and just sort of have a reason to "play"! Then you remember, wait I just spent a ton of money on this, I should probably protect it, then in comes to inevitable rabbit hole of researching cases, and protective covers, and so on. While that should/could be fun, I feel like its actually a bit of a task. I recently upgraded to the new iPad Pro. It the 12.9 screen with the new M1 chip, and an all new screen. I love it, and this was actually the first time I've ever pre ordered a product like this on its actual preorder day! Usually soon as I buy a device of any sort I then go buy a case to protect this investment. 

However when you purchase a brand new model I realized that it wasn't/isnt the same size as previous 12.9 iPads, meaning their were no cases available. Due to various shortages the wait time for the actual iPad was pretty long. I ordered on like April 30th, but didn't get my iPad until mid June. Kinda crazy, but this did give me plenty of time to scour the internet for a decent case. However, even today in August, there really aren't that many great options if you are looking for an affordable protective case for your iPad. So because I did do such extensive researching I thought I would share what I ended up with and let you know the pros and cons, because although I don't LOVE it, I think its better than nothing, and will be great until I do find something I love.

I ended up getting this ESR one. Its fits, and its actually a really nice color. Its not really a pink, certainly leaning more rose gold like but not in your face by any means. It actually matches a lot of other "rose gold" colored tech things, so I really like that fact. I am used to keeping my pencil in a pencil case as my older iPad my Pencil didn't attach to charge, so based on my last case I really liked the closure aspect of this one, yet it also allowed for the new pencil to charge when I want. It closes with or without the pencil no problem. 

While I do like this case, I don't love it, like its still missing aspects I liked in my previous case. For instance, this one doesn't really stand/prop up that well, nor does it always go to "sleep" when I close the case. That all being said, it does fit, it does look nice, and its better than nothing, plus it's rather affordable at $19.99. So if I do find something better when more cases are available I won't feel bad about replacing it because its not like I spent an exorbitant amount on it ya know. I actually got it less for $19.99 too, so watch for sales, and or coupons that Amazon allows you to "clip".

Now on to my Pencil accessories! I actually get the most questions about what I use on my pencil in videos or stories when I share footage of me working! I have this big round thing on my pencil and OH MY! Its a MUST! I love it, it makes holding the pencil so so easy, and helps my hand so much, and in general I have hand problems! 😂 I like the one pictured above and it allows me to have more to hold on too, if you don't need that though, I have found the Uppercase pencil sleeves to be super nice too! They all feel so nice, and also feel like they are protecting the pencil, because once again, an Apple Pencil isn't cheap so you want to keep in nice and safe. So safe! 😉 Also I know that the above photo is showing a first Generation Apple Pencil but it works on both the first and second gen so no worries!

Next up is a not 100% necessary item for everyone but I LOVE having it! Its a lil pencil box for my Apple Pencil. Call me over cautions, fine, but I really worry that some how my pencil will come off of my iPad, and either I will A. Loose is, or B. It will great, and I don't really want to have to replace it, so when its all charged up and I am not using it I store it in this lil pencil box that I keep with my iPad 24/7. The bonus part of this, is that I also keep a nice lil cleaning cloth in it for my iPad, and I keep a chapstick in there too, so I always have the essentials when I am creating! 

That pretty much wraps up my iPad Essentials that I use daily! I do use a draft table stand for my iPad If I am working at a desk or a table, but that's a splurge item that you don't have to have, but it is nice if you do a lot of work at a desk/table on your iPad and still want it to be able to be drawn on. Also the one I have is not cheap, matter of fact I would highly suggest searching around for a discount prior to purchasing if you are interested, possibly even waiting still you can find one. I believe I actually got mine for about half of the current price.

Well I think that wraps it all up for this post! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I will do my very best to help you out!



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