Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 71


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Wow! Its been a bit since I've written one of these, but I'm excited to be writing one! I know things on the site have been a bit quiet, but I'm working on remedying that. I feel like the last time I wrote a Sweetpeas Picks I was all like, ooo I think they will be more regular again, but lets face it this past year, and last year have been full of things interrupting all plans, so who knows! I just hope this is the first of many blog posts! 🙂 I do actually feel like I have a lot to share though so I can space it all out!

1.  I have been loving the show Outerbanks! I think in my last Sweetpeas Picks I had just watched season one for the first time, and I've watched it MANY times since, PLUS season 2 came out and WOW! So insanely good, I need season 3 now, actually like soon as I finished season 2 the day after it came out! I'm obsessed with the show, its just SO good!

2. If you saw my last blog post, you may of noticed I recently upgraded my iPad! I got the new M1 iPad Pro with the 12.9 screen which was a pretty big jump for me, but I do love it! If you want to learn about all of the accessories I use for it, check out that blog post here

3. Have you heard of Fiji Blue? If you are looking for some nice beach/sunny day vibed music I would highly suggest checking them out! I really like them. 

4. I know some people are already in fall mode, but I am not, nor will I ever really be! LOL 😂 This time of year we still need summery clothes for sure! I recently found my new fave shorts and Target can't keep them in stock, they are these. I have them in both the dark grey and the cheetah and LOVE! I honestly want to get another dark grey which is basically black because I could/can/will wear them daily! Also they have really nice pockets, and are high waisted! What more could you want!

5. This lil post on IG is totally worth the swipe through!

6. I did this workout video today and LOVED it! Its by Grow with Jo on Youtube! I paired it with my Release Radar that Spotify gave me today, and it was oh so fun! Also it is a mile, so if you are an Apple Watch user and want to get that badge tomorrow for the National Parks Challenge this will work perfectly! I tested it today with the Indoor Walk on Today and it was spot on!

7. If you enjoying wearing multiple necklaces at one time, but HATE the fact they turn into a tangled mess in like 5 seconds, I found something you are going to love! Pura Vida has a Layered Necklace clasp that lets you wear up to 3 necklaces at once! I've been wearing 2 with it all week and haven't had any issues with tangling PLUS an added bonus I've noticed, is that it kinda weighs the necklaces down so they stay in place, and you don't have your clasp swimming to the front. All around I LOVE it, and wonder why I didn't have it before. I believe Kenda Scott also has one, but based on the Product details they are both made out of the same things, so price wise I would go with Pura Vida, unless you need want it to be a gold color. Kinda Scott has Gold and Silver, and Pura Vida has Silver and Rose Gold.

Well I think that wraps things up for today! Hope you enjoyed this quick lil catch up + random things I've liked/enjoyed or found helpful. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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