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Hello there! Welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks! How are you? Yesterday was so weird, with Instagram and Facebook down, I mainly enjoyed seeing all of the tweets of companies trolling each other on Twitter. Quite entertaining. Granted when big outages like that happen its always a reminder of why Instagram and FB are not everything, even though they are, and its a bit sad. Ya know what I mean? Yeah, anyway lets get on to some fun random things I have been enjoying!

The picture above is of a cute lil Calico shell I found last week at the beach. Its such a pretty shade of pink isn't it!?

1. I feel like I have shared this before, but maybe not? I read this book earlier this year, and really enjoyed it, like so much that I am contemplating rereading it because I kinda want to read something, and I can't find anything new. Its called Shipped bu Angie Hockman and its really good, sort of a "beach read" but also not. Like they go on a Vacation to a tropical location, but at the same time its a work trip, but all in all its good, and a nice lil escape.

2. The Band Camino released their debut album and its SO good. Like I have liked them for years, but this album, like WOW! I really needed it, and their timing was perfect. The first track EVERYBODYDIES just really hits right lately.

3. In my last Sweetpeas Picks, I mentioned how obsessed I am with the Netflix show Outer Banks, and I feel like I still need to include that in this because I am still obsessed with it, and I cannot stop watching it. Even when you think you picked up everything in the show, rewatch and you will find something new, and like I have SO many questions. I need a renewal asap!

4. Back to the Topic of Music have you heard Angel by Troye Sivan, because you need to! Its SOOO good. 

5. Megan over at @roymeister on Instagram posted a new piece the other day that I just love. I feel like anyone who is a pet lover will totally resonate with it. Check it out here.

7. Have you heard of Southern Breeze Tea? No? Me either until just a few weeks ago, but oh my I LOVE their Blackberry Sweet Tea. Its SO refreshing and good, and I am wanting a glass like right now! Its a cold brew tea, and I just love it! I found it at our Neighborhood Market!

8. I treated myself to some new procreate brushes last month in hopes to spark some inspiration and I am really enjoying them. I bought this pack off of DesignCuts from Eliza Moreno and I just love her brushes! Plus her art is just lovely! I love her use of texture!

Well I think that wraps up this post, don't you!? Hope you enjoyed it, and I will see y'all back here soon! I think maybe we should make Sweetpeas Chats like a week in the life sort of post next, what are your thoughts?!


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