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Hello, and Happy New Year! I know I really skipped out on a lot of December related things this year, but I'm trying my best to not let it get to me. I want to add more blogging back into 25 Sweetpeas, as its really where all of 25 Sweetpeas really started, so welcome to the first Week in the Life posts!

The year Started with Puppy Cuddles/Puppy Play Time, Coffee, and Puzzle mornings! This week everyone in the house was still on holiday break so we took the days slowish even though I have still been filming and posting YouTube videos regularly. 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram you may not know about the above cutie! On December 15th, we added a puppy to the household! Her Name is Ellie, and she is a Papillon! She's 3 months old as of Jan 3rd! 🙂  Its SOOO nice having a dog in the house again! She's made life so much better. She has no clue how much we love her! This week consisted of a Vet Appointment and that took her energy level down a bit! However we got back to playing asap!

Most all of the work I have accomplished this week, which has been a lot actually, has been on the floor, and I am loving it! I always like working on the floor for some reason, but now there is a buddy with me again. It makes my heart happy!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

Tried Snowman Soup, AKA White Hot Chocolate, and this is by far the best one I have had! I don't eat "regular" chocolate, and I have been wanting a good white chocolate Hot Chocolate option and I would say this one is a good one! 

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

After dinner each night this week I've been preparing a hot drink, spending a few minutes with a puzzle while Ellie brings me a ball! Her "Ellie Sized" ball pictured earlier. Also by bring I mean hits my legs or foot with it but won't let me touch it! Ha!

25 Sweetpeas - www.25Sweetpeas.com - A Week In the Life

So as of the 5th Ellie has been with us for 3 weeks, and this week was really the first one not majorly holiday oriented, we had a bit more down time, and it was nice. From my point of view it really feels like she's feels at home if that makes sense. She's starting to get into routines, we have been working on sit this week and she's doing really well with it! Ah, just so nice to have her with us. I wish Dixie was here with her, we'd all be having so much fun. 💚

Well I think that's a wrap until Next Week!

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