Earth Day 2022


25 Sweetpeas Earth day 2022 Illustration - www.

Its EARTH DAY! Granted, I fully believe Earth Day is everyday, but since it has everyones attention today, we shall jump on it! As ya'll know most all of the art I do is inspired by the lovely environment we have here on Earth, so I am always appreciating its beauty, and it fuels me with Inspiration! I made a fun lil illustration for the occasion today too!

I also thought it would be a good time to share what I am doing with my shop to help the environment! First off, all of our packaging is recyclable! This was crucial to me, as plastic is not great for the environment, and the amount in the ocean, just makes me so upset! So we are doing our best to use as little plastic as possible. In place of plastic wrappers on our stickers, we actually use glassine bags! Glassine bags are 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable! Its also resistant to moisture which is ideal for packing my stickers so they can get to you safely. Our envelopes are made out of recycled materials, and are recyclable themselves. We use tissue paper to wrap up our soft products, which can be reused, and or recycled. Then they are sealed with washi tape which is biodegradable. Our polymailers are recyclable, listed as a 4, and should be put with grocery bags. I am still looking for a better option for these so someday it can go directly into your normal recycle! 🙂

Now beyond packaging, we also care about what we are using to make our products! Our fabric is ethically sourced, made in the USA, printed with Eco Friendly Dyes minimal water usage. The company we print with also runs their facility the Environment in mind, and they are always working to reduce their reduce ecological impact.

Its these sorts of things that will make a difference in this world, and any little step is worth it, and at 25 Sweetpeas we will always be working to do the best we can for this lovely planet we are on!


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