Meet the Print : Coquina

Hello there and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of the patterns in my shop, in particular we are going to check out the Coquina Print AKA the Butterfly Sea Shell Print.

The Inspiration: 

As you all know I am a HUGE beach lover, I love beach combing and checking out all of the shells at the beach. One that you often see on my coast is the Coquina Shell! Its a small shell that comes in various colors and they are super small! They are quite fun to watch on the beach, if they are still alive and you are where the ocean hits the sand you can often spot them burrowing down in the sand until the water comes back. Once the water is back you can see them come up and swim around, and then as the water goes back out, they burrow once again. Its always neat when you find a cluster of them! Sometime this summer I will try to capture it on camera and share it on Instagram, or Youtube! I think you will enjoy it.😊  So the main inspiration for this pattern was sparked by Coquinas. Now, there is more to it though, so if you see a coquina shell open, it actually resembles Butterfly wings. Which is why a lot of people refer to them as Butterfly Seashells. Which leads me to the other inspiration of this pattern. So for those of you who don't know, in December a new lil puppy entered out life, and she is a Papillon. Which actually means butterfly in French! The breed is named after their Ear Shape because when their ears are up the look like butterfly wings! So the fact that these things crossed over just made this pattern so much more special, and one of the big reasons it was here for the launch of 25 Sweetpeas.

The Making Of:

This pattern was illustrated by me, as all of our patterns are, and it was actually based off of a simple spot illustration I did a while back when I was practicing illustrating sea shells of all types. Coquinas are kinda fun and freeing in the sense that all of them look a lil different, they have different color variations, and patterns. There is a lot of freedom when illustrating them yet still allowing you to make them look recognizable if that makes sense.

Coming To Life:

I have only had this pattern put on fabric, but I love it. Its a rather neutral colored pattern despite the fact it has colors such as turquoise that we don't normally associate with the word neutral. It goes with a lot of summer/spring things, and dare I even say fall! We have it on tie on bandana pet scarves, and scrunchies to you and your furry friend can match. In addition to that we also have it on a pet waste bag holder, which I love because again its such a good neutral pattern that has a beach vibe that goes with everything in my opinion!

I am so excited to have this pattern available on products for y'all to enjoy! Its such a fun and special pattern to me and I can't wait till y'all are enjoying it as much as I do! You can shop it now in the shop!

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Are there any shells in particular that you would enjoy seeing in an upcoming launch? If so let me know in the comments below! I am always making a list so I would love to add you ideas too!


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